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Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayers for Special Needs

Yesterday two ladies called to order a booklet titled Reflections and Prayers for Visits with Our Eucharistic Lord. They called especially because in the booklet there is a prayer "For Priests." The ladies' response to the current crisis of alleged sexual abuse by priests in the Philadelphia Archdiocese is to turn to God to pray for the priests who may or may not be guilty of abuse. May God reward these dear women and may all of us pray for priests that they may be always more faithful to their vocation.

In an earlier post we gave a link to prayers for victims of sexual abuse and for resources to help towards healing and coping with this wound. We put it here once more for those who may not have seen it:

During this Lenten season we intensify our prayer-life, and we pray for our Church for healing and for holiness.

Let us pray too for those far away who are suffering from natural disasters: for those suffering from the Japan earhquake and tsunami, for the people of Libya, and for peace in all areas of strife--and for peace in our hearts.

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