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Friday, April 8, 2011

Lenten Reflection From Sr. Kathryn James

Lifted up into his life.... I have recently been inspired by some reading I am doing on the liturgy and the sacraments. At each celebration of the sacraments we are lifted up into the life of Christ. He takes us to himself and presents us to the Father. In the Eucharist there is an overflowing of the presence of Christ, who takes us into himself so that it is he himself who walks out the back of the Church after Mass in order to live again in the world, in your place of work, in my community, in your family, in my place of ministry. I am drawn again and again to immerse myself in the radiance of this reality, a radiant light that dispels sadness and frustration. This Jesus, who gave us his body and blood as nourishment at a meal in which he bent low to wash his apostles' feet, desires to overturn a good deal of society's values, teaching us a humble emptying of self which lies at the heart of the Trinity, new values which would transform our lives and relationships, government, law and education. The rest of Lent will be for me a prolonged retreat in order to reflect on these readings and transform them into practical directives for life. How about you? How is your Lent going? For more beautiful reflections by Sr. Kathryn James visit her blog at

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