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Monday, January 30, 2012

New Week, New Life

In our last post we mentioned Sister Annette Boccabello who was drawing near to the end of her time on this earth. In the first hours of Sunday morning Jesus Master came to lead her home. The Sisters who accompanied Sr. Annette Margaret wrote this account of her attitude towards death:
Sr. Annette had a great artistic eye. One of her favorite pictures, which hung on her wall, was that of Renoir’s painting entitled The Promenade. It is a picture of a young bride being led by the hand by her lover up a lighted path. “That’s what’s going to happen when I close my eyes to this life. Jesus will meet me and lead me into His home.” Now Jesus has come to take Sr. Annette Margaret up the light path of His love, leading her with infinite tenderness home.
As we pray for the repose of the soul of this Sister we also ask her to intercede for our needs. We begin a new week. Sister Annette Margaret Boccabello has already begun an eternal existence in the embrace of Jesus. We too are in his presence always. May we be always more aware of this loving presence.
One of the new editions from Pauline Books & Media can be a great source of stability and a reminder of God's presence even on the roller coaster ride of life's ups and downs. Courage in Chaos part of the Classics of Christian Wisdom series injects practical and tried suggestions on how to face difficulties with calm and strength. Taken from the writings of St. Francis De Sales, Courage in Chaos is a great little companion for our spiritual journey.

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