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Friday, January 14, 2011

"Come, Follow Me!"

Sr. Neville Christine and Sr. Emily were a traveling team this week. As we celebrated National Vocation Awareness Week, it was a joy to join the young people in a couple of different schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to reflect on the meaning of vocation.

We shared our vocation stories with the students -- they were very interested to hear about our journeys.The students had many good questions about the process of becoming a sister, how to know if God is calling them to the priesthood or religious life, and what the Daughters of St. Paul do.

After traveling together to bring the "good news" about vocation to many students from Kindergarten to 8th grade this week, Sr. Neville Christine and Sr. Emily compared notes and realized that they agree on many things:
1) Vocation is a great gift!
2) We need to PRAY and ask God what He wants for us.
3) Trusting God is very important.
4) God wants us to be happy.
5) It's a wonderful life! :)

To learn more about the Daughters of St. Paul, you are invited to listen to a message from Sr. Margaret Michael, the National Vocation Director of the Daughters of St. Paul, by clicking the link below. You will also find on the page some answers to frequently asked questions about the Daughters of St. Paul and becoming a Daughter of St. Paul.

May you find profound joy and peace in seeking the Lord and serving Him with all your heart, strength, mind and talents!

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