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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Good Movie

Recently we had the privilege to view a screening of the new movie "For Greater Glory"  in downtown Philadelphia. In this week's current bulletin our Parish of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary contains a letter from Archbishop Chaput recommending the movie. For Greater Glory tells the true story of the "Cristeros" or the "Cristiada" War which took place in Mexico in the late 1920's. 90,000 people died in that war including hundreds of priests and lay people who resisted the anti-Christian laws of the government.
I read an interview with the film's director Dean Wright. He had been captivated by the story of the Cristeros who fought to gain freedom of religion and free speech in Mexico. When he met with the daughter of the main character who is well portrayed by Andy Garcia, Wright became even more engaged with the story. For years the Cristeros were unknown in their own country because the laws enacted in the early 20th century were still on the books until 1992. The whole era was barely mentioned in many schools.
Now Providence would have it that "a cause worth dying for" is being made known to a greater audience. Thanks to this movie many more will repeat with conviction the Cristeros' motto: "Viva Cristo Rey!" Long live Christ the King!
See a trailer of the film:|15224|%2Bgreater%20%2Bglory%20movie||S|b|22497773995

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