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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Movie Not to Miss

In case you have not seen it, I suggest you go to see the new film on the Cristeros War which ravaged Mexico from 1926--1929. The War was an attempt on the part of Catholics to restore their religious liberties which had been brutally trampled by the Mexican government's leader Plutarco Elias Calles. Andy Garcia stars as the non-practicing husband of a devout church-goer played by (Eva Longaoria). Garcia's portrayal of  General Gorostieta is a perfect fit. Known as a sort of agnostic but respectful of others' right to worship, Gorostieta was hired by the Cristeros whose mottoe was Long live Christ the King, or Viva Cristo Rey! Garcia does a fine job in the role of the general who succeeded in weaving together a formidable army from volunteers from all over the country. Mauricio Kino, a fourteen year old newcomer,  portrays a likeable Jose Del Rio who witnessed the martyrdom of Father Christopher Magallenos. He and a buddy fled to the Cristero camp after witnessing the murder of a photographer who wanted to show the world proof of the torture inflicted on the victims of the government's persecution. Jose and Father Christopher are now part of a veritable holy army who have been beatified or canonized as Saints and martyrs for the faith.
Rather than complain that there are not enough wholesome movies, support movies such as For Greater Glory. To see a review click on this link:|15224|%2Bgreater%20%2Bglory%20movie||S|b|22497773995

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